DeFi|Automated Trading
Validating orders executed by brokers via CEXs.
Use Yanda dApp for launching Trading Bots on your centralised exchange using Metamask.
Test-net is now open, try it now for free.

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Yanda dApp
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Trading Volume 2021
Yanda Trading Bot
A DeFi protocol built on CELO to enhance transparency and safety within the automated trading with cryptocurrency.


Yanda Token | YND
YND gives you the opportunity to create and purchase trading bots in the most transparent and secure way.
2021 Q3
- Design ERC20 based YND protocol
2021 Q4
- Develop Smart Contract
- Integrate Yanda Bots & SC
- Integrate Web3 in Yanda
- Develop validator app
- Test SC on Test-net
2022 Q1
- Develop creators API and guides
- Start Creators onboarding
- Audit YND protocol (inc. Governance)
- Release on Main-net
- DEX Trading integration
- NFT bots creation
2022 Q2
- DEX Trading release
- NFT bots release

Yanda Roadmap