Manual trading is over.

The all-in-one automated trading solution for crypto traders with $0 transaction fee.

We are BitMart official partner.

You can create your crypto bots for free when using BitMart API Keys.

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Create Automated Trading Strategies Across Multiple Exchanges

As easy as your phone top-up. You pay for what you use.

No Deposit Needed

No Coding Needed

Cloud Based

Trade while you sleep.

You can create your own trading strategies to increase the performance of your digital portfolio. You can then share your creations with other members to earn rewards.

Copy and Share.

Copying successful traders is an easy and fast way to make informed decisions on how to manage your funds.

Sharing your skills and expertise with other members allows you to increase your recognition as a trader as well as earning rewards in cryptocurrencies.

Automated Trading

Create your own trading bot from scratch using our terminal. Customise trading parameters with minimum profit expectations, stop losses, lock-in profits and many more.

How It Works?

Referral Program

Earn Bitcoin by referring Yanda to your friends. Our referral program aims to keep the community together and to instill a cooperative feeling.

Welcome to the future of digital trading.

Yanda started with the idea that blockchain technologies should provide financial empowerment with significantly less overhead.