Manual Trading is Over

Yanda allows cryptocurrency traders to run automatic trading strategies across multiple exchanges without the need to code.


    Trading Strategies Created

  • "I highly recommend this service. I've made great gains in Bitcoin since I started using their service and haven't lost a dime. Their algorithms are working flawlessly!


    Burt 2018
  • "Tracking your trading performances across your multiple exchanges has never been easier.


    Rob 2019
  • "The cool stuff is that you don't need to keep your pc open.


    Franco 2017

Manage all your exchange accounts in one place.

Automated trading, portfolio re-balancing and predictive analytics for all your exchange accounts in one trading software, rather than jumping across many different networks.

1. Create Your Account

2. Connect Your Exchanges

3. Trade

Use your API keys generated with no withdrawal permissions to connect Yanda with your exchange accounts.

Create your trading strategy without the need to code.

Customize your trading strategies from a simple interface and react efficiently and fast to every market trends.

Predictive Analytics

Six predictive models to analyse patterns.
A better way to identify risks and opportunities.

Copy Successful Traders

Copying successful traders is an easy and fast way to make informed decisions on how to manage your funds.

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