16 DEC 2020

Bitcoin Price Reaches All-New Highs of over $20,800 In 2020

After testing every investor’s patient over the last few weeks and months Bitcoin has finally broken free and shot above $20,000 USD to reach all-new time highs for 2020. Bitcoin is currently sat over 5.5% up.

Will it continue and are you ready to go to the moon?
But is it too late to buy? Not at all…

Even though Bitcoin’s value has doubled in the past three months other cryptocurrencies such as ether (ETH, +6%), litecoin (LTC, +10.3%) and XRP (+10.53%) are still down from their all-time previous highs. Which is making Bitcoin the winning short term.
Personally, I still think Ethereum is one to watch for.

Hopefully, you already have some crypto in your portfolio but if not, don’t worry it’s still not too late to get in the game…
The big money players of the financial world are said to be piling in big money and this will push the price of Bitcoin and other coins higher and higher with supply limiting.

But what’s next for Bitcoin?
Some say 25k some say that 30k is the next stop, and some even say that we could hit 100k by the end of 2021…
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Author: Chris Wyatt