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Classic is better. An ETC story of success.

As the first month of this new decade is at its end, we have decided to get back in time and see who is the winner of the cryptocurrency race 2018–2020.

Our analysis period starts on January 28, 2018, and ends on January 28, 2020. Two years of ups and downs that have characterised the way we all trade and invest in the cryptocurrency market analysed in a gainers and losers table between BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, ETC.

All hail the Bitcoin!

Even though the Bitcoin USD price never reached an all-time high again, its performances are impressive. The table below shows an incredible path of gaining vs all the other significant altcoins with its peak at +80.34% against the Ethereum.

BTC chart

The Ethereum decline(?)

A slow decline marked the path of the Ethereum that lost value against all altcoins under analysis. The challenge for the team lead by Mr Buterin will be to regain appeal and value in front of many investors waiting for a raise of their beloved ETH. The table below needs no comments.

ETH Chart

Litecoin is strong

Apart from being an incredibly fast protocol for payments, the Litecoin’s price race was brilliant. Within the Altcoins under analysis, LTC is the second most reliable coin just after ETC. Its price is still far from the all-time high, but the gaining vs ETH (+111%) are encouraging. The LTC community should celebrate this success!

Lite Coin Chart

Ripple, is that even crypto?

It may be crypto or not, that is controversial. The reality is that XRP is losing value vs other altcoins, apart from ETH that is the big loser in this competition. XRP price vs USD is still in decline and it is the only coin that didn’t gain value vs USD during 2019.

Ripple Chart

EOS, not so bad…

EOS is the cryptocurrency of a big community with high ambitions, and you can feel it a little bit by reading the numbers of the table below. EOS gained quite a lot against ETH and XRP but lost its race against LTC, ETC, and BTC. Its USD price is still -72% compared to two years ago, and everyone will watch how the EOS community will tackle this 2020.

EOD chart

ETC, prince of the crypto realm

Ethereum Classic is the only cryptocurrency that has gained value vs Bitcoin during 2019. That was impressive. Numbers are spectacular, and nobody could stand a chance vs the ETC race toward value. The +163% vs its small brother ETH tells everything about the reliability of this currency in terms of value. Congrats!

ETC Chart

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I know, it is possible that your fave token it is not included in our analysis. No worries, just comment on this post and ask for it! Someone from Yanda will be more than happy to add it to the list. Happy crypto-2020!

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