Automated cryptocurrency trading. With Yanda, you can trade automatically across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. You can add as many crypto exchanges to your Yanda account as you like via generated API keys without withdrawal permissions. Yanda is a non-custodial trading platform, we do not hold your trading funds. This keeps your trading funds safe in your exchange. Yanda’s automation service is a safe and secure solution for your automated trading requirements with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 1000s of other cryptocurrencies. There are two ways to use Yanda’s trading service. The first option is with Yanda Credit Top-Ups – You need to add credit to your account to pay your automation fees. The fee to use our service is  20% paid upfront on the profits scored with your automated crypto bot. If the trading bot scores fewer profits than expected, the strategy recalculates the fee and reimburse the difference to you. The second way to use Yanda is with our monthly subscription package. This subscription is best for a trader with more than 0.1BTC of trading fund available in their exchange. This subscription allows for unlimited bot creation and all profits the bots make, you keep. 

You can share every trading bot you create. If you do, other traders of Yanda can copy your bot. If someone copies your bot, he/she will pay the expected profit fee to the sharer. 

You can copy trading strategies shared by the other users of the platform and visit the profile of each trader of Yanda. Visiting traders’ profiles is a good way to measure the trading profitability of that trader before copying his/her bots. 

The more you trade with Yanda, the higher your trading profile’s level will increase. You start your journey with Yanda as a Novice Trader. 

None of the information, video or blog posts is not to be taken as financial advice. WE/YANDA are not financial advisers. If you are not confident in trading crypto you should seek advice from a financial adviser who is an expert with crypto and other investment vehicles. Yanda is not responsible for any financial losses occurred on the platform. Trading crypto is a high-risk investment. There is a possibility that you could lose some or all of your money invested.