19 APR 2021

Earn FREE BNB on Yanda

Trading is fun and can be really profitable if done properly, but what if I tell you there is a way to earn free Binance coins (BNB) on Yanda and trade with them?

You hear me right, you can now earn free BNB on Yanda.


With our Affiliate Program, you can invite your friends to trade on Yanda and earn up to 15% of their rebate fees paid to Yanda. You only need to have a Yanda All-in-one account and share your link anywhere you like, and you will receive BNB straight into your Yanda account.
And there’s more, if your affiliate invites more friends you will also receive 5% of their rebate fees paid to Yanda.

How to know how much you will earn?

In the following example, we’ll assume that your affiliate owns $10,000 in its Yanda's portfolio, and produces a volume of $400,000 by executing 40 transactions per month.
Affiliate earning calculator
Portfolio size
How big is your friends portfolio?
Trading Volume
How many orders you expect your friend to transact each month?
You will earn
$0 equivalent in BNB

Author: Francesco Greco