How effective are automated trading bot really

How Effective Are Automated Trading Bots Really in 2020?

I’d like to ask you the question to you… If you all using crypto automated trading bots did was improve your trading profits by 1% every month would it be worth it? I’m guessing here but In my head, I can see you nodding agreeing with me that if you could find out how to improve your trading by 1% it would be worth testing out a crypto trading bot.

Let’s go a little deeper. Although quickly, you can watch this video and see how to create automated crypto trades on the Coinbase Pro trading exchange. I also show you the result of what my coinbase trading bot did in less than 24 hours.

Using Automated Trading Bots To Trade Crypto Markets

Trading crypto markets effectively isn’t easy even for ‘professional’ crypto traders. Nowadays, most if not all automate their trading. Let’s say for a moment that you have some experience. You know what is a cryptocurrency and what is Bitcoin and you have been trading for some time, maybe even profitably. 

Cryptocurrency markets are unpredictable, volatile and a dangerous place to be if you want to trade manually. Crypto markets, unlike your more traditional investment markets, like stock exchanges and forex markets operate 24/7.

Because of the unpredictability, high volatility and due to the fact that crypto markets never sleep traders look for ways that they can get an advantage. Even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between being profitable or not.

Automated trading bots are one of the main ‘accessories’ that crypto traders are now using in 2020 to get that unfair advantage over people that still manually trade cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto bot services out there but the challenging part is finding the one that is right for you.

Of course, this post is very biased as im going to say that the best automated crypto bot is Yanda but it,s not only because I work for them!

This is my trading account over the last month or so. You can see that all are winning trades and have been profitable. I’m not sure about you but I love being able to see green and profits on my screen when I wake up each morning. I have been with Yanda for over a year now and this is still the first place I go when I turn my laptop on.

But Why is the best Automated Crypto Trading Platform Yanda?

Well, apart from the image of my profitable trading above, Yanda also has a 97% trading success rate among its traders. This is just a recent thing. This has been held by Yanda trader for more than 2 years… Find me another crypto company that can say that!

The idea is to help users make money in the markets more effectively and consistently, while not having to spend all their time in front of a computer screen. The assumption has always been that computers are a lot better at trading than humans, and this in my opinion is 100% right!  I used to trade manually and to be honest, I lost a lot of money. I’m sure some of you can relate, however, once I came across Yanda my trading profits drastically changed for the better.

Yanda, also make your trading experience simple. When we say we are automated, we are automated, or at least 95% of it you still have to create your account and set the automated strategy up.

Once you are registered you will just have to select seven parameters to create your trading bot. There are no drag and dropping elements or connecting complicated trading indicators and signals. You simply choose from these 7 settings and launch your trading bot.

So what makes Yanda the perfect trading solution for you?

You can find out for yourself as we now have a FREE 3-Day Trial where you can launch unlimited trading strategies within those 3-days.

To claim your free trial you will need to sign up to the silver membership packed through PayPal but by the time the 3-day is up I’m sure you will love it. As you can see I set this trade yesterday and it’s already doing 0.8%

Also when you automate your trading with Yanda you get a pretty badass trading dashboard.

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