18 APR 2020

How Successful are Automated Crypto Trading Bots in 2021?

Crypto Trading Bots became very popular during 2020 and are now a relied upon trading tool amongst many crypto traders who successfully trade the famous volatile markets that never sleep. Moving into 2021 is no different! Many crypto traders One question that gets asked is how profitable can crypto trading bots be?

Well, before I dive into answering this question, let’s get the disclaimer out the way!
I’m not a financial adviser, and nor is Yanda so please don’t take anything we say, mention or discuss as advice in any way. This blog post is purely for educational purposes only. Always make your own decision when it comes to your finances and investing please, do your homework.

Yanda has seen more than 22,000 crypto bots being launch on the platform, and that number continues to grow consistently as our traders produce great results…

What makes automated crypto trading bots so great?

So what makes trading with Yanda different compared to other automated crypto trading platforms out there?
Unlike other crypto automation software, Yanda doesn’t put a restriction on how much you can trade. You can launch unlimited trading strategies as you like! We also have an option available no matter if you are a beginner trader or an expert trading with years of experience.

Let’s look at your trading choices quickly.

First, Yanda.io – Trade for free
We are the first to make the automation of profitable crypto bots free to our users. Thanks, to our close relationship with Binance as a broker partner Yanda now offer its traders a crypto wallet that is backed by the security of Binance but has the power of crypto bot trading added to each account for free. You can now enjoy easy buying, selling and trading spot both manually and automatically.

Second, Yanda – Non-Custodial
Yanda is currently supporting only Binance
The second option which if you are a current trader of a trader of the past you will be familiar with. Non-custodial means we do not hold your funds directly. Your funds stay on your private crypto exchange be it, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitmart, Bittrex or Poloniex and you connect to all of them on the Yanda platform by generating API keys that allow both platforms to communicate with each other.

This is the Yanda flagship plat and will continue to play a key role for a trader who likes to trade across multiple exchanges.
So really, whatever you are looking for in spot trading we have you covered with the best crypto trading bots available.

Yanda was built to solve the problem crypto traders face daily. “How can I trade crypto markets consistently and profitably if I can not monitor the markets 24/7?” – a huge dilemma, right?

Crypto bots allow you to trade crypto markets 24/7 so you don’t have to sit in front of a screen all day or wake up in the morning from a sleepless night worrying about your active trades.

Yanda allows you to sleep peacefully… and if you use Yanda for your crypto trading you will be joining the many other traders that make up the 97% trading success rate out of the 22,000 bot strategies that have been launch since 2017.
As I mentioned, our traders love consistency, and when they trade with us they know they are likely, 97% likely to make a profit with each bot they launch.
I hope this helped to answer your question. If it did not then you can always contact up on the Telegram group or send us an email to support at Yanda.io.
I will leave you with a decision to make…

Do you want to trade multiple crypto exchanges? or would you like the safety of keeping your trading investment on the Binance exchange but have the power of trading automation included for free?

Open your FREE trading account on Yanda and start creating trading bots to trade Bitcoin and another crypto for free.

Author: Chris Wyatt