Buy Bitcoin and Deposit to trade on Yanda

How To successfully Buy Bitcoin & Deposit Cryptocurrency To Start trading.

How to deposit Bitcoin

Here you will find how and why you should deposit or buy Cryptocurrencies on Yanda for your daily trading activity.


First, let’s start with why Yanda is the best trading bot option for you. 

Why Choose Yanda?


Yanda is a well known Automated Trading platform for trading Cryptocurrencies automatically, since 2015, with multiple updates and improvements over the years to accommodate its users with a better and more profitable trading experience. 

Today, Yanda is giving you the opportunity to manage your funds and trade directly on the platform like most crypto exchanges but gives you the power of trading automation thanks to our partnership with Binance.

Because we have a broker partnership with Binance the funds that you buy or deposit into your Yanda account will be stored safely on a newly assigned Binance crypto wallet so you can be assured that there is top-level security protecting your funds at all times. 

How to Deposit Funds on Yanda

If you own cryptocurrencies on an Exchange platform or a wallet and want to use the Yanda to automated your crypto trading for free then you can simply do this by depositing any crypto into your Yanda account.

The first thing to check is if the Cryptocurrency you want to deposit is currently supported on Yanda, to do so click on “Dashboard”(1) on the side menu, type the coin you want to deposit on the search bar(2), then if the coin is on the list, click “Deposit”(3)

How to buy bitcoin

A pop-up will appear with your Coin address, both as a string(4) and QR code(5).

Send litecoin to a crypto wallet

You can now copy or scan your address, select the amount of coin you want to deposit to your wallet, and that’s it!

The process to send funds from one wallet to another may be different on each platform, but with most of them, you just need to input an amount along with an address to send your coins to.

Remember we are always here to help so if you have any question, get in touch we will be happy to chat.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Yanda

Yanda allows you to buy Bitcoin through Changelly, a third-party provider that lets you buy Bitcoins and send them to any BTC address.

Click on “Buy Bitcoins” and a pop-up will appear

How to buy Bitcoin with Changelly

You need to select the amount you want to buy Fiat it will automatically give you the approximate amount of Bitcoin you will receive. 

For now, only Bitcoin is available to be purchased with this method, although more cryptocurrencies are plan to be added in the future.

Next, select your country of residence, read and agree with the Terms of use and Privacy Policy, and click on “Exchange”.

A second pop-up will appear, and it will automatically load your BTC address on Yanda, but if you want to send it on another Bitcoin wallet address, please make sure to paste your address carefully, then press on “Continue”,

send bitcoin to a wallet

Next, you will be redirected to the Changelly website, if your browser has a pop-up blocker, please allow Changelly to be shown. Choose the transfer method you prefer and then click on “Create Order”,

confirm your bitcoin order

In the next page insert your email address, your mobile phone number with the right prefix, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and click on “Confirm”.

Bitcoin wallet confirm address

Next, you need to verify your phone number by entering the verification code sent on your mobile and click on “Verify”

Verify your details

After that, fill the form with the information required to the verification and click on “Submit Verification”.

Buy BTC on yanda

Now, you have to choose a Document type for verification and upload a front and a backside of that document, in the next slide you will need to upload a selfie with the ID in the same way, after that click on “Continue”.

Upload your ID to buy Bitcoin

After, fill the form with your card details, in that case, we previously have chosen to pay with Visa/Mastercard, and click “Make Payment”.

Pay and deposit Bitcoin

It will usually take few minutes to process the payment, or even less, you will receive an email confirmation from the provider, and shortly after you will see the deposit on Yanda

Bitcoin deposit successful

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased your first Bitcoins on Yanda!
Now you can start your Automated Trading, click here to know-how!

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