Automated Crypto Trading

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Here you can find all the tutorials from how to set up your Yanda trading account to how to trade crypto automatically. We have many other crypto related videos on YouTube and we regularly go LIVE where we set auto trading bots with you so you can follow along and ask any questions related to crypto trading bots. 

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Trading Platform Overview

This tutorial will give you an overview of the Yanda Crypto Trading Platform. You may find you have some question. First, please go though all of the video content. Then if you still have questions: support@yanda.io

How To Deposit Crypto?

Do you have crypto and want to deposit it on to your new Yanda trading account to automate? Watch this tutorial with step-by-step directions. read how to deposit crypto here

How To Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin using you Yanda account. Login  and click the Buy Bitcoin button to begin purchasing with our partner Changelly. How to buy Bitcoin

How To Complete L2 Verification?

If you want to trade on Yanda you will have to complete level 2 verification. It’s easy, don’t worry.

How To Make A Withdrawal

So you have made profits and now want to withdraw some of it to treat yourself. Withdraws are made manually Monday – Friday 9AM – 1800 PM CET. This adds security to your account. read more on how to withdraw crypto in this blog post

How To Change Your Password

It’s good to change your password regularly. if you need to change it then head to settings and then change password.  

Past Live Videos/Webinars

Is It too Late To Buy Bitcoin?

In this LIVE video on YouTube Chris & Mario talk about Crypto Markets, Bitcoin predictions and how to create auto trading bots on the Yanda platform. 

Covering Manual Trading

In the LIVE video on YouTube Chris & Mario discuss the previous weeks gains and how the crypto bot made them and also show you how to use the Manual Trading feature on Yanda.