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Portfolio Rebalancing

After our successful and well-known trading bot, here at Yanda, we are pleased to offer a new feature for you, the Portfolio Rebalancing.

The Portfolio Rebalancing bot gives you the opportunity to increase your BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, and BUSD by leveraging on the volatility in the price of multiple assets of your choice.
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      Unlike our Trading bot, this one needs a bigger amount of funds to work properly, we recommend a minimum Initial Investment of 0.05 BTC to start with. The minimum investment can dramatically increase according to the number of assets selected to compose your portfolio.

      To use the Portfolio Rebalancing bot you first have to choose an Initial Asset to start with:
      BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, or BUSD.

      The second action needed is to select the coins you want to include in your portfolio.
      Usually, portfolios that perform are composed of 2 to 8 coins.

      The third action needed is to select the Stop losses, it will sell all assets in the portfolio when the value of your Initial Asset drops by the percentage selected with the Stop losses. This means that the bot will stop trading and you need to create a new one.

      The fourth action needed is to choose the Take profits, it will sell the assets composing your portfolio if and when their value increases by the percentage selected with Take profits. These actions are repeated again and again in order for you to score profits in your Initial Asset until you terminate your bot manually, or Stop losses is met.

      And that's it!

      If you have questions, or you want to report any glitches or bugs, text us on our Telegram group.

        Author: Francesco Greco