14 OCT 2020

Should YOU Automate Your Crypto Trading in 2020?

Why should I automate my crypto trading is a question we sometimes get asked. My answer ‘most of the time” is why wouldn’t you want to automate your crypto trading?

When you automate you have the chance to step away from the computer screen and spend time doing other things you love. When you automated you can increase your investment in cryptocurrency even if you are still working a full-time job. It takes seconds to set up, and once set up you just let the automated bot run.

Have you ever wondered how big financial institution trade? Well, I can assure you that it not manually anymore. In fact, most Financial companies nowadays all use automated trading to execute their trading strategy when it comes to managing digital assets.

Yanda is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that helps crypto trader trade markets 24/7 without the need to code complex algorithms.
You can watch this video to learn more about automated crypto trading and how to easily create automated crypto trades on the Binance crypto exchange.

If you are not sure what is a cryptocurrency you should click the link and read all about what a cryptocurrency is and what it is not.

Why Should I Add Credit To My Yanda Trading Account?
To use Yanda you need to have credit on your account. The credit is used to pay the fees for each profitable crypto trading bot you launch.
That’s right, each profitable trading bot you launch! If your trading bot doesn’t produce winning trades we return you the fee it cost to launch. pretty cool, I know…
Now, you know why you need to add credit, let’s look at WHY you want to add Yanda credit!

Yanda, helps you to automate your crypto trading. Crypto markets as you know are open 24/7, and trying to trade them manually is well, kinda hard, we all need to sleep sometimes.

It’s not just that though. Because these markets are open all the time there are a lot of opportunities to make a profit because most crypto coins are very volatile we miss these opportunities. And we miss them a lot! I know, because I used to before I put an automated strategy in place.

That’s another reason why you should be automating with Yanda.io. Yanda helps reduce some risk when buying and selling in high volatility cryptocurrencies markets conditions. You can make profits whilst you sleep. That’s a big win and everyone’s dream, right?

There are so many other reasons WHY you should add credit and trade using Yanda. Here are some bullet-pointed reasons for you.

  • Markets open 24/7
  • Crypto is volatile
  • Humans need to sleep
  • Humans make mistakes
  • Human FEAR, Bots do not. We fear of missing out or making the wrong decision.
  • Bots, don’t get emotionally attached to trade, it sticks to rules that profit.
  • We lack trading knowledge
  • We want to enjoy life, We don’t want to be sat in front of a computer screen all day waiting for the right trading set up.
  • We want to know we are making profitable decisions.
I’m also 100% sure that some, if not all of those reasons will resonate with you in some way or another, and that you can now see why you should automate your crypto trading.
We want to see you profitable!
(This is a screenshot of my Yanda trading account you can see that I created an OMG/BTC trading strategy yesterday (13th October 2020) and it has made 1.5% in Bitcoin profits. Today is the (14th October 2020)
SO are you ready to ADD CREDIT to your Yanda account and start launching trading bots to make some nice crypto profits??

Once your ‘add credit purchase is complete and you have connected your API Keys to your favourite crypto trading exchange you are ready to start automating your crypto trading.

You can learn all about how to use the automated trading system and how to to set up the right crypto trades on our YouTube Channel you can also ask us a question and get support in the Telegram group we set up to help all our traders.

Remember that Yanda Credit is not a Cryptocurrency and you cannot withdraw it or send it to a crypto wallet address outside of Yanda, it is a service token used only to pay your automation fees for launching a crypto bot on the platform.

When you automate with Yanda nobody can access your trading funds they stay safe, locked up in your exchange wallet. Here is more information about your Yanda account of how we make sure your cryptocurrency is secure.

Author: Chris Wyatt