23 APR 2020


Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider, built on an Ethereum-based blockchain created with C# and .NET programming language; that enables enterprises to develop their own private blockchains (Sidechains) which can then be integrated with the main Stratis blockchain.

The whole Stratis-ecosystem is ‘powered’ by the token STRAT, on which secure and auditable smart contracts can be created. The STRAT cryptocurrency can also be held in appropriate wallets to run Network Masternodes, and earn a reward.
Additionally, Stratis also has its own ICO platform, that through fully integrated services and customizable layouts, offers businesses the opportunity to crowdfund their project.

Coin Specifications
Coin type: Proof of Stake (POS)
Market Cap Avg: $2,634,724 USD (761 BTC)
Volume Avg (24h): $95,984,154 USD (27,741 BTC)
Circulating Supply: 99,194,756 STRAT
Max Supply: 99,194,756 STRAT
Masternodes: Yes

Additionally, Stratis ($STRAT) has been in existence since 2016, and its use-cases and adoption have been growing ever since. The following are some of the exchanges on which Stratis is listed: Binance, Bittrex and Bithumb.

Coin Correlation Analysis for Portfolios:
Stratis (STRAT-USD) showed a strong correlation of 0.8 with Bitcoin (BTC-USD) over the last 30 days, increasing further to 0.91 over the last 14 days. Stratis’ volatility has been on average around 11.27% daily, and only 2.34x higher than Bitcoin’s (4.80%).
Overall: Preferred Bull markets as well as Bear. Higher lucrative potential than large caps, such as Bitcoin. Due to the coin’s volume and volatility, the ideal portfolio allocation is mid-significant.

Author: Chris Wyatt