How To Withdraw Crypto

How to withdraw crypto like bitcoin

How To Withdraw Crypto

How To Withdraw Crypto

Yanda gives you the opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrencies from your wallet to any other crypto wallet addresses.

Every withdrawal transaction is confirmed manually by the Yanda team, to give you an increased security on your transfers, that’s why It will take a bit longer than usual. Withdraws operate 9am – 5pm UTC.

To withdraw funds from your Yanda Account follow these steps:

Go to your “Dashboard”(1), and once you found the crypto you want to withdraw click on the “Withdraw” button(2), 

How to withdraw crypto like bitcoin from Yanda

A pop-up will then appear, asking you the amount that you would like to withdraw (3) and the recipients address that you would like to send the crypto to (4). You can also check the withdrawal fee (5). Once you have filled both fields click on confirm (6), you will then receive an email once the transaction is confirmed.

Withdraw BTC

Be always sure to input a valid address for your Cryptos, once the transaction is complete there is no way back.

The max amount you can withdraw daily is 2 BTC, if you want to withdraw more you have to complete the KYC on your Profile section.

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