How does the credit system work on Yanda

How Do Yanda Account Credits Work?

At Yanda, we really want to make crypto trading accessible for all… However, we get that paying monthly subscriptions can be hard for some and may even be a reason you have decided not to start trading with us yet.

Most if not all crypto auto trading software charge a monthly subscription fee to use its crypto trading automation service. That can be anything from $20 a month with a restriction on how many trading bots you can launch, and let’s face it, paying $20 a month on a trading portfolio of $200 is a big ask to make back 10% in profits each month consistently!  That’s why we decided to bring in a fee structure that would suit any trader with less than 0.1BTC of trading funds.

WE CARE, and WE BELIEVE that you should only be paying companies money who actually delivers and makes you a profit! 

*When you use Yanda you will only pay when your strategy profits! Exciting right?

What you need to to start a strategy…

You need to purchase Yanda account credit. This credit pays your automation fees. These fees are 20% of your ‘expected profits’. That’s right, you pay us 20% of your profits. 

Now, you might be thinking 20% seems a little high. In reality, it’s pretty not… 

Remember you are not actively buying and selling the cryptocurrency markets yourself. You have a perfectly designed crypto platform to create and launch trading bots whenever you like 24/7.  This gives you back time and also gives you the ability to trade more profitable as you won’t miss trading opportunities whilst you are sleeping.

Your bots job is to serve you on every strategy you create. Think of your crypto bot as the best employee you will ever hire. They never complain, they never ask for a break, they never ask for vacation, they never ask for a pay rise and they never sleep, they will work and trade for you 24/7, 365 days of the year in a market that as you know is always open. 

So is 20% expensive? That’s for you to decide but remember you will still get to keep 80% of the profits you make. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how this can work for you. 

How trading credits are used? Read this example below: 

You have a starting balance of $5000 in your crypto trading exchange, let’s assume you are using Binance in this example. Will will also assume that you have opened a Yanda trading account and that you have already connected your API keys to the Binance trading exchange

You create a strategy using the PATS (personal automated trading software) (Watch this Masterclass Video on using the PATS to create a strategy) and you want to trade $1000 out of your total $5000 investment. You choose all the parameters to start the trade and you select that you want your automated trading strategy to keep working for you buying and selling the markets until it hits a nice 10% profit level. 

Note: once your strategy hits your target profits level the strategy will automatically terminate. You will then go start another.

Based on the information above, 10% of profits on $1000 would give you $100. Yes, I am a mathematical genius. You would pay 20% to Yanda for creating that strategy, so in this scenario $20 would come out of your Yanda account credit, leaving you will a nice tidy profit of $80 once the strategy closes. 

Note: Sometimes strategies start making a profit on the first day, sometimes, it takes a couple of days. Sometime strategies may even sit still and not move for a week but they are working and will execute when the right condition is met that you set.

But what If I don’t make a profit? You said we only pay for profitable trades. 

Good spot and yes, that is correct. You will only pay a fee on profitable trades. We do not touch your money inside your exchange. That’s why you pay once the strategy is created. You actually get 100% of the profit in the exchange.

Plus we have a 96.9% trading success rate so we are pretty confident we won’t have to give it back. 

But say your trade was losing. Which would suck! And I hope that doesn’t happen to you but we would return credits to your account. Same goes for if you do not make your expected profits. Say you only make 9% instead of the 10%, Yanda would return the 20% of the 1% profits expected. In the example above that would be $2. 

However… and here is where it gets even better. Sometimes, (for me 9 times out of 10) you will score more profits than expected. You might see 10.5% or 11% when the strategy closes. 

Does this mean you owe us more automation fees? NO! That .5% or 1% extra is fee-free. That’s on us for you to enjoy. 

Other important info you should know. 

Yanda credits are not crypto. They can not be traded on an exchange or sent to another crypto wallet. They are simply used to pay your trading automation fees when you use us.

How do I buy credits?

There are two ways you can buy Yanda account credits. 

1 – PayPal

2 – Crypto, using Coinbase

Login to your Yanda account, click add credit and start your journey to successful automated crypto trading.

Yanda Account Credits

How much credit should I get? 

Good question, and a very important thing to consider. 

To work out how much your credits will get you, simply 5x you remaining credit balance. $100 credit balance will be enough to pay the trading automation fee up to $500 profits scored. Minus $100 in fees (20* to us) would leave you with $400 profit. Nice! 

Note: $100 Yanda credit would pay $500 in profits – This is 10% of a $5000 funded crypto traders portfolio. (*if you trade with more than 0.1btc check out our monthly subscriptions)

If you are just starting and your crypto trading exchange balance is between $100 and $1000, you could start with a $50 top-up. This would be enough to see $250 in trading profits. (*credit never expires so trade at your own pace)

TIP: Do simple calculations before every trade. Expected returns (ROI), Trading Risk Management, Portfolio Management, i.e. what you hold of each cryptocurrency in your portfolio. Are you all Bitcoin? Or do you want to build a portfolio of Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin with a holding of 33% each at all times? Maybe 10% goes to an Altcoin as a riskier asset to hold with potential high upside. The choice is yours…

If you have any questions on how the credit system works or how to set up an account or trading strategy, email support@yanda.io or join our Telegram Group.

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