Yanda Automated Crypto Trading

Yanda, the automated crypto trading platform is all set to take on the crypto investment sector in 2020

“Yanda will introduce Machine Learning algorithms to help traders gain a better understanding of the past, current, and future trends. From simply copying a strategy to creating one that includes AI algorithms, Yanda will provide an automated trading service that will have very few rivals.” Mario Stumpo CEO of Yanda.io

Last week Yanda’s CEO Mario Stumpo was interviewed by crypto news website AMBCRYPTO

Mario was asked to comment and dive deep into 6 main areas.

  1. The story of Yanda.

  1. How Yanda helps new traders to the crypto world, and seasoned traders, trade better.

  1. He also explains how the fee structure works on Yanda.

  1. He reveals the technology behind Yanda and why it makes our traders so successful?

  1. Mario also talks about current world events and how crypto, and automated crypto trading is still growing even though we are all being affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. And, he discloses some of the strategic goals regarding the global market and gives a tiny bit away on what’s in store for Yanda later in 2020.

    Did someone say AI??

Note: To qualify new Yanda accounts only, and you must connect to at least one cryptocurrency trading exchange.

Click the link to read the full story on AMB Crypto.

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