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All-in-one Trading Account

Cryptocurrency wallets to
create your trading strategies that work automatically.
~ No coding skills required ~
If you want to know how to start trading Bitcoin automatically with an easy-to-use and fast solution, Yanda is the software tailored for you. We are Binance Broker Partner so you can trade automatically across thousands of spot markets with no membership payments. You can start trading for FREE within minutes.
Buy Bitcoin / Deposit Crypto
You can buy Bitcoin on Yanda via our partner Changelly, or deposit your cryptocurrencies from other wallets. It is very easy and intuitive.
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Start trading
Trade manually or automatically and make profits with it. The team at Yanda is very active for technical support on Telegram and Discord. You can explore the How it works? section and learn how to benefit from Yanda.
Trades are subject to fees. Suggested minimum amount to start a trading bot £100.
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Withdraw your cryptocurrencies or cash out.
You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the Yanda dashboard and send them wherever you prefer. You can also use our partner piixpay to cash out your investment in EUR (SEPA payment).
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