What is Yanda credit?

Yanda charges fees only when your trading bot makes a profit. 

Fee = 20% of the expected profits from each trading bot you start.

Fees are paid in advance when you start your trading bot. The service fee is calculated from the ‘expected profits’ that you specify before launching a new trading bot.

Adjusted Fees: Fees will be adjusted when your bot stops. If the bot ends with less profits than expected, Yanda will return the credit difference back to your account. If your bot happens to score a loss, Yanda will return 100% of the fees paid.

Note: Yanda credit is not a cryptocurrency, it can not be traded, sent to another trading exchange, wallet or be withdrawn from the account. It’s used to pay for Yanda trading service only.


To use Yanda you need Yanda Credit.

Did your bot not make a profit?

If you strategy ends not making a profit, we refund you the expected profits fee to your account.

Did your bot make less than expected?

If you make less profit than what you were expected, we refund you the difference.

Did your bot make more than expected?

If your strategy scores more profits than expected we don't charge you any extra. We made extra profits fee free for you.

We introduced Yanda credit for two reasons.

1. We do not hold your trading funds. Yanda is a non-custodial trading software so it doesn’t collect fees directly from your trading exchange. Yanda credits sole purpose is to pay for the automation services based on your usage of the platform, which means that you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription to trade cryptocurrencies automatically.

2.  We believe that you should only pay fees when you make profits. Unlike other automated crypto services out there we don’t put barriers that limit you on the number of trades you can make and the features you have access to. 

Yanda's Fees as a Bitcoin