The best crypto trading exchanges of the week
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Top Trading Exchanges, Pairs & Strategies Of The Week #1

Top Trading Exchanges, Pairs & Strategies Of The Week

Which currency pair did you trade last week?

At Yanda, we like ‘transparency’ so we share what we learn. This is a short summary of some data from the past week. It’s a short summary of the most popular market strategies, traded cryptocurrencies pairs and the top exchanges used on the Yanda.io platform

As the week’s progress, so will this blog update. I’m sure will be added more and more trading data to it for our readers, but for now, we are just going to look at these three top data points from the 17th – 24th May 2020.  

The Most Use Market Strategies:

Last week saw these three strategies being the most started among our users. 

  1. BTC Strategy 
  2. USDT Strategy
  3. ETH Strategy

The Most Used Crypto Market Pairs:

There are 1000s, of crypto pair combinations that can be traded, however, last week we saw our traders choose from BTC-USDT, BTC-USD and XRP-USDT as the most trading pairs of the week. 

What Is The Most Popular Crypto Trading Exchange:

As you know, in your Yanda dashboard we have six crypto trading exchanges for you to trade on. You can connect one exchange all trade multiple exchanges all from your account. Last week ranked Binance, Bittrex, and Bitmart being the 3 most used exchanges on the Yanda platform. 

Personally I have been using Poloniex and Coinbase Pro, which are not in the top 3 for our Yanda traders (maybe I should try one of the others) 

That’s it for this weeks round-up on data, although, I’d love to know in the comment section below which trading exchange you all use and the reason why. I might even try it out myself. 👇

Step-by-step guide - How to connect Binance to Yanda

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