Web2 Non-Custodial Automated Trading

Automated Trading for Binance spot markets.
Create your trading strategies that work automatically.
~ No coding skills required ~
Yanda can integrate your Binance spot markets trading account via API Keys with no withdrawal permissions granted.
Trade automatically with your Binance API keys generated with no withdrawal permissions granted. If you are looking for creating trading bots that work with Binance spot markets, Yanda is the best cryptocurrency trading software since 2016. There is no deposit needed as your funds remain in your existing Binance account
Connect your Binance API Keys
Create your API keys from your Binance account with no withdrawal permissions and paste them into Yanda. It is the most secure way to trade automatically in 2021.
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Choose your membership
Choose your bundle and other solutions to get you started with Yanda.
Start Trading
You can trade manually or automatically and create trading bots. The team at Yanda is very active for technical support on Telegram and Discord. You can explore the "How it works?" section and learn how to benefit from Yanda.
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The non-custodial version of Yanda guarantees an extreme security level by creating a bridge between Yanda and Binance via API keys generated with "no withdrawal permission" granted.

If you don't have a Binance account but you are interested in a non-custodial solution, you can create a Binance account here →